2.012 : l’chaim

This episode killed me.

That’s really all I have to say about it. I am apparently the most emotional person in the world and could not handle this episode the first time, could barely handle it the second time, and just managed to handle it a third time so I could cap and comment on it. And it’s like, all I want from it right now is distance because it has fucking drained me.

Somebody give the Beals a fucking Emmy or something.

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I’ve developed a weird sense of guilt for Bette’s current storyline. I think because I’ve commented so freely in the past about how attractive Bette is when she’s mopey, so Ilene Chaiken probably took this to mean that Bette should never be happy again for the rest of her life. Yet, were Ilene to have come to me before the season started (as she should have) and said, “What do you think Bette’s storyline for Season 2 should be?” I most certainly would not have said, “I want her to be in so much pain that she drinks, smokes, gets in car accidents, and throws herself into her pool while wearing an undoubtedly expensive outfit. I want her to grovel to an unresponsive Tina, try incredibly hard to fix things and get nowhere with it. And then, when she’s finally feeling a bit happier, I’d like you to kill her father.”

No, I wouldn’t have said that.

That said. I do sort of like this storyline. I like Ossie Davis, that’s why. I like the Porter sisters, their relationships with their father, and this bit of delving into Bette’s backstory that we’re almost getting.

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